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SeeInMeTM Assists Vulnerable Individuals

Entrusting your vulnerable loved one to the care of others is anxiety provoking. Caregivers, teachers, healthcare workers, first responders, and others may have difficulty understanding them. With a tap of a phone, the SeeInMe Instant Connector card conveys important information that enables others to instantly see your loved one through your eyes.

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SeeInMe Taps into Trusted Care

Those who interact with your loved one will instantly understand that they are triggered by loud noises… or love dogs… or hate bananas… simply by tapping their phone to your loved one’s SeeInMe Instant Connector card.

Instant Advocacy

SeeInMe gives your loved one a voice with the tap of a phone. There are NO APPS OR PASSWORDS to interfere. Now you can advocate for your loved one in your absence.

Instant Familiarity

The SeeInMe Personality Profile establishes compassionate connections by familiarizing those who interact with your loved one with their likes, dislikes, triggers, soothing strategies, and more.

Instant Nurturing

Your loved one’s SeeInMe Personality Profile ensures those who interact with them can provide optimal personalized care based on their individual preferences and needs.

Benefits for Family

  • Rest easier knowing that your loved one is seen as more than a diagnosis
  • Gain trust in providers and caregivers each time your loved one’s Instant Connector is accessed
  • Update your loved one’s information on all their Instant Connectors at once and as often as needed

Benefits for Providers

  • Improve quality of care metrics and client satisfaction through optimally personalized interactions
  • Decrease oversights and incidents through immediate access to personal information including triggers and allergies
  • Ensure continuity of care outside of the office setting

SeeInMe is for anyone with a communication challenge… kids, elders, even pets!

How It Works

Create Account

Signing up is simple

Create Personality Profile

Share what makes your loved one unique

Create Connections

Receive ready-to-use Instant Connectors

Instant Access for Providers and Carers


Unlock your NFC-enabled phone and tap the back to the Instant Connector card or scan the QR code and the individual’s Personality Profile will open on your phone’s screen
Is my phone NFC compatible?


Read all about the individuals likes, dislikes, triggers, soothing strategies and more


Provide personalized care with access to emergency contact information, personalized videos, and checklists

Scan to see a Personality Profile

First name
Emergency contact
Unique characteristics
Helpful links
Supporting documents
Prominent identification of allergies

A Look Inside:
The Family Dashboard

  • Receive an alert when a loved one’s Instant Connector is accessed, checklists are completed, and notes from caregivers are available to view
  • Create and update your loved one’s Personality Profile
  • Create and update a headline
  • Assign Instant Connectors to individuals
  • Redeem a Facility invitation to create a Personality Profile
  • Purchase additional Instant Connectors
  • Add additional loved ones
  • Disconnect the Personality Profile from your loved one’s Instant Connector

Peace of Mind

“It’s a game-changer for me as a parent because it helps me to not worry to the point of an ulcer when Charlie’s not in front of me.”

Emily C., mother of an autistic child

Options That Fit Your Needs

The SeeInMe Instant Connector is an ID-type card that promotes genuine connections with vulnerable individuals.


When you join SeeInMe:

  • Add an unlimited number of loved ones to your account.
  • Receive 3 Instant Connector cards specific to each of your loved ones for $45 per loved one.
  • Subscription cost will remain the same regardless of the number of loved ones on your account.
  • Gain access to a personalized dashboard to keep up with your loved ones' Instant Connectors.

Through your SeeInMe account you will be able to:

  • Add personalized content
  • Upload documents
  • Link to videos
  • Display timely updates
  • Active/deactivate Instant Connectors from your account
  • Know when your loved one's Instant Connector has been accessed
  • Identify notable allergies
  • Purchase as many Instant Connectors you need
  • Use Instant Connectors through all life stages

$45 per loved one + subscription



When you join SeeInMe:

  • Receive 1 Instant Connector card per client and purchase additional cards as your facility grows.
  • Take advantage of volume and non-profit discounts.
  • Utilize your personalized dashboard to gain insights into Instant Connector implementation by personnel.
  • Receive a 'SeeInMe Trusted Care Facility' seal to display on your website.

Through your SeeInMe account you will be able to:

  • Enable clients to create their loved one’s profile, share updates, and receive confirmation when the Instant Connector is accessed
  • Use Instant Connectors for off-site trips
  • Ensure temporary workers, substitutes, and volunteers can achieve familiarity with vulnerable individuals at any time and in any setting
  • Send timely reports to clients
  • Embed the unique URL associated with each Instant Connector in your electronic records

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