Every Child Deserves to be Truly Seen

Guide Others to Help Your Child

Leaving your minimally communicative or nonverbal child is anxiety provoking. Verbal instructions to providers my not be recalled accurately and written instructions are often filed away in a binder. How do you ensure those who interact with your child have immediate access to critical information and the characteristics that make your child unique?

Introductory Special

SeeInMe Ensures All Children are Truly Seen

With the tap of a phone to a SeeInMe Instant Connector, anyone who interacts with your child will instantly understand that they love trucks… or hate bananas… or are triggered by loud noises. Knowing they truly see your child allows you to relax.

Instant Advocacy

SeeInMe gives your child a voice with the tap of a phone. There are NO APPS OR PASSWORDS to interfere. Now you can advocate for your child in your absence.

Instant Familiarity

SeeInMe establishes compassionate connections by familiarizing those who interact with your child with their likes, dislikes, triggers, soothing strategies, and allergies.

Instant Nurturing

Your child’s unique SeeInMe Personality Profile enables carers and providers to nurture your child based on their unique individual preferences and needs.

Benefits for Parents

  • Rest easier knowing that your child is seen as more than a diagnosis
  • Increase trust in providers and caregivers through knowing your child’s Instant Connector has been accessed
  • Update your child’s information on all their Instant Connectors at once and as often as needed

Benefits for Providers

  • Improve quality of care metrics and client satisfaction through optimally personalized interactions
  • Decrease oversights and incidents through immediate access to personal information including triggers and allergies
  • Ensure continuity of care outside of the office setting

Instant Access for Providers and Carers


Unlock your phone, tap the back to the card
Learn more about NFC chips


Read all about the individual; their likes, dislikes, triggers, and soothing strategies will display right on your phone


Access emergency contact information, deliver optimally personalized care, and more

Your child’s photo
Your child’s first name
Your child’s emergency contact
Your child’s link to a personal video or channel
Your child’s supporting documents
Prominent identification of your child’s allergy status

Options That Fit Your Needs

The SeeInMe Instant Connector is an NFC embedded ID-type card with a lanyard hole. It promotes personal connections between providers and caregivers and those with communication challenges.


Here are the benefits you'll receive with your SeeInMe purchase:

  • 3 SeeInMe Instant Connectors
  • 1 Year subscription
  • Personalize Content
  • Upload Documents
  • Link to Videos
  • Display Timely Updates
  • Active/Deactivate Instant Connectors from your account
  • Make Real-time Updates
  • Know when your loved one's Instant Connector has been tapped
  • Prominent Allergy Identification
  • Purchase as many Instant Connectors you need
  • Use Instant Connectors through all life stages

1 Loved One
$99.99 each additional year

2-5 Loved Ones (SAVE 10% Each)
$89.99 each additional year


Instant Connectors & Accounts Available November 2021


Here are the benefits your facility will receive with your SeeInMe purchase:

  • 1 SeeInMe Instant Connector per client
  • Enable parents to create their child’s profile, share updates, and receive confirmation when the Instant Connector is accessed
  • Use Instant Connectors for off-site trips, playground use, and areas where wifi is not accessible
  • Ensure temporary workers, substitutes, and volunteers can achieve familiarity with individuals with communication challenges at any time and in any setting
  • Send timely reports to parents
  • Embed the unique URL associated with each Instant Connector in electronic records
  • Reuse Instant Connectors with successive cohorts
  • Choose the subscription that suits your facility: A yearly subscription or one based on data scrubs for successive cohorts

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